Date of publishing: 26 Feb 2018

The Mauricio de Novais Reos´s Facebook, from Brazil, one ot the readers of The Radical Thinking and, above all, of L´Humanité en face de l´impérialisme, whose picture has been sent to us by Michel Feugain, poet and professor of the Department of Spanish Language, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, at the Catholic University of Lille, France.


Date of publishing: 8 Jan 2016

Expression of the School of radical thought

prolegomenos_a_una_filosofia_intercultural_de_la_liberacion_Fernando_Proto_GurtierrezThis title, “Introduction to intercultural philosophy of liberation” is the full text of the topic that developed the young philosopher and professor Fernando Proto Gurtierrez in the “International Studies Symposiumdecolonial epistemological shifts of power, of being and knowledge , held at the Université Lumière Lyon2, France, from 7 to 8 December 2015.

Proto Fernando Gutierrez is the founder of the School of Radical Thought and its organ of expression, FAIA, Journal of Philosophy Afro-IndoAmerican institutions that have their headquarters in Buenos Aries, Argentina. In his paper, the author based on the quadripartite logic, proposes a method aimed to “think, in terms of the transcendent mystical lift (not circunvalatoria) -” to be able to join the intercontinental philosophies on indissoluble embrace of multiculturalism.

Preliminaries to intercultural philosophy of liberation

Date of publishing: 18 Dec 2015

This news spread by Jacques Berset in the pages of the Swiss Catholic Portal invites us to approach the creation of a collection Freiburg African Theology, the only currently existing not only in the French-speaking world, but also in the world.

Indeed, the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, was the first Western institution that has had the courage to accept this challenge, led by Dr. Benezet Bujo, emeritus professor of moral theology and social ethics.

Here is the expressive testimony of the illustrious African theologian who, after meeting the October 20, 2015, at the headquarters of the Academic Press publishing house Freiburg with the publisher, Maurice Greder, and his companions, teachers Thierry Collaud and François-Xavier Amherdt, presents the third volume of the collection.

Professeur-Benezet-Bujo-specialiste-de-la-theologie-africaine-Photo-Jacques-Berset copy